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Purpose-Driven Photorealistic Technology — and Relationship-Building — in Architectural Design

For chief architect Marc Camens and the entire Camens Architectural Group, it’s not just about designing stunning homes in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States. It’s also about building meaningful connections and lasting relationships with the people who are at home in the architectural design. 

This prioritization of relationships also means that sometimes projects take unexpected turns that lead to even more beautiful outcomes.

Such was the case with Trailing Vine on Kiawah Island — the sixth project for a longtime client. Marc had previously designed their original home on Kiawah as well as an extended family property and several renovations for family members. 

Using Photorealistic Technology For Purposeful Visualization

Trailing Vine is just one of many examples where we’ve implemented purpose-driven photorealistic visualization because we know how important it is for our clients to see their homes come to life. And this gorgeous, expansive property checked all the boxes for the client. 

During this phase of design, we’re able to really dig into the exterior and interior of the home and its every vantage point to make changes and updates while ensuring every last detail is suited to the homeowners.  

Yet, we didn’t actually bring Trailing Vine to fruition for a very important reason: Building another custom home turned out to NOT be the best solution for our clients.

Relating the House to Its Residents

Because the notion of home means something different to everyone, our goal is to always relate the architecture to the people living within it. That’s why fully customized homes are so incredible. They can be personalized from the inside out, as we set out to do with Trailing Vine.

Yet while we were in the design phase for this property, another Kiawah house came on the market that had been designed by Marc — and we couldn’t ignore the fact that this newly listed house was ideal for our client.

Although it didn’t have the level of highly personalized design and customization of Trailing Vine, it was a thrilling choice for them at this stage of their life.

It also meant they didn’t have to go through the extended, multi-year process of waiting for their custom home to be built and enjoyed.

While we didn’t get to see Trailing Vine come to life, we couldn’t be more excited about the turn of events for our clients and having them live well in another beautiful design from Camens Architectural Group.

The combination of Marc’s visionary talent and his care for every single one of his clients, many of whom are now longtime friends, is what creates purpose at our architectural design firm. Let’s partner together and talk about how we can fulfill your homebuilding dreams. Contact us today.