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Our Process

We are a team of creative professionals working together with you to make your vision a reality.

Chief Architect Marc Camens has developed a unique approach to residential architecture that enhances how people live within the walls of each home he designs. Following a set of design principles crafted over decades of extensive commercial and residential architecture, Marc has brought together a team of creative professionals who bring your unique vision to life.

Our Process And Design Principles

Wrap the house around the way you live.

Rather than approach architectural design from a laundry list of rooms, Camens Architectural Group builds homes around your lifestyle. Whether you throw multiple parties throughout the year, regularly host guests, work from home, or prefer a solitary lifestyle, our team comes up with a plan to metaphorically wrap the home’s design around your lifestyle.
At your initial interview, our team meets with you to listen to your dreams and ideas. We guide you through the process of imagining what your space should be as we ask crucial questions to learn about you and how you will interact with your new space.

Light and flow are the lifeblood of the home.

The best residential architects appreciate the necessity of natural light and a comfortable flow of energy from one room to another. We take it a step further by personally walking the site at different times of day with a sketchpad in hand to intimately understand the sun’s effects on your homesite. Beautiful hand-drawn renderings guide the process and give us the freedom to make changes and adjustments with you before we begin 3D modeling and drafting. When it comes time to building your home, transitions between rooms are sensitive, and each room flows into one another gracefully with the help of incredible window vignettes.

Light defines, and texture refines.

Texture gives vitality to a space. Soft and warm textures of natural materials contrast with smooth and cold textures of glass or steel to infuse a sense of balance and interest in each home. We consider every surface, from the floors to ceilings above and create texture that evokes different moods depending on your tastes and the room’s function.
We also help you interview and select contractors, and work alongside your construction team to ensure that your design dreams come to reality.

The ceiling is the most important plane of the home.

Step into a Camens Architectural Group home, and one of the first things you’ll do is look up. We understand that the ceiling in each room sets the tone for the space. In this way, we create rooms that can feel lofty but intimate, warm but spacious.

Walk the site and see what you’ve got.

As chief architect, Marc Camens can be found visiting your homesite early and often. Not only does he do this to understand your site’s natural light, but also to learn how the wind might impact your future home’s outdoor spaces, which views should be showcased in the final design, and even how visitors might approach your home when driving up to it.
Our team will be by your side during the entire process: from meeting with your construction crew to monitoring the finishing touches to your home.

When you’re comfortable, you can take in nature.

Contemporary architecture can approach the relationship between nature and a home that leaves you feeling overwhelmed by the views outside. Carefully integrating the interiors with exteriors is a hallmark of our work. As one of the best residential architects in the nation, we blur the edge between the interiors and exteriors of the home to allow you to feel comfortable and secure while enjoying nature’s majesty.
Contact us today to start the process of transforming your dreams into reality.