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Architecture Firms Charleston SC

Looking For Residential Architecture Firms In Charleston, SC?

Look no further than Camens Architectural Group, led by chief architect, Marc Camens. Throughout his award-winning career, Marc and his team have designed and built homes that bring an exceptional experience to homeowners’ lives daily.

With a respectful appreciation for the style and aesthetics indicative of Charleston and surrounding areas, Marc approaches residential architecture with people in mind. Rather than simply collecting a laundry list of features and rooms from his clients, he gets to know them as people first. He considers their lifestyle: how much they entertain, whether they work from home, how many kids or grandchildren they have. Then he builds a home that supports their emotional needs, sometimes revealing features they didn’t even realize they needed.

As one of the best architecture firms in the South, Camens Architectural Group benefits from Marc’s personal interaction with clients and contractors. Heavily involved in every step necessary to residential architectural design, Marc Camens builds more than just homes. He builds relationships, settings for family gatherings, and special places to make memories.

Camens Architectural Group serves Charleston, the Coastal Carolinas, the Adirondacks, and Vail, Colorado.