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Work-From-Home Wonders: Home Offices That Get the Job Done

Home offices — especially in today’s Zoom world — are now integral in many architectural plans. People are running big companies from their homes and they absolutely need a space that can accommodate all kinds of business, from virtual calls to in-person meetings to client entertaining.

Just like the notion of “home” means something different to everyone, so does the experience of the home office. An at-home work zone must be highly personalized and entirely wrapped around how the owner works and lives. Offices cannot be generic, copy-and-paste templates.

The goal is to relate the architecture of the space to the person using it — personalizing it and then enhancing the experience with the surrounding views.

Creating simultaneous unity and separation

When working from home, it’s important that an office affords maximum productivity and functionality in addition to being aesthetically compelling and comfortable. Separating the office from the rest of the home, as with this top-floor space in the River Marsh residence, can be helpful to create a distinct “away” place. It’s completely set aside for maximum privacy and professionalism, yet it still exudes the similar old-world charm that’s captured throughout the entire home. 

A glass-enclosed stairway that leads up to the third-floor office is an interesting architectural detail; it contributes to the clear division of space. The glass door affords acoustical separation without interrupting the light and flow.


Chief residential architect Marc Camens favors the ceiling as the most important plane in a room — and the addition of wood beams in this office also brings in a sense of warm, rustic elegance while properly defining the semi-circular desk and sitting area.

“We also added a ‘phone deck,’ as our client loves to step outside and take calls while looking at the beautiful Kiawah River and marsh beyond,” says Camens. “It’s a one-of-a-kind place to conduct business.”

Introducing inspiration

For the Eagles Landing home, Camens created a two-story rotunda as a live-work space. This architectural standout serves up incredible views to the marsh — especially from the dedicated office on the second floor.

“We designed the curved desk wall to have nearly 180-degree views, so the owner can gaze beyond the computer screens to the incredible expanse beyond,” says Camens.

Gaze directly upwards, though, and see the architecturally significant rotunda ceiling — a masterpiece in this office that adds even more gravitas to the work zone and from which spotlight-inspired lighting is suspended.

There’s also a comfortable den in the expanded office footprint. It’s a place for conversation and meeting — or just a short afternoon break that doesn’t require losing focus by going into the rest of the home.

Whether you work from home almost exclusively — or just periodically — a well-designed, personalized office is the key to success and inspiration. Explore more custom spaces in our architectural design portfolio