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Rethinking Architecture From the Inside Out: The Second Edition Is Here

The second edition of Marc Camens’ stunning book, Rethinking Architecture From the Inside Out, has officially been released — and we couldn’t be more excited to share the new and updated pages with you.

With nearly 250 pages and more than 500 eye-catching photographs that recount Marc’s signature design approach, it’s an extraordinary collection of work that will both inspire and delight — including some of his newest projects that didn’t make it into the first edition.

This second edition also features an expanded set of pages detailing Marc’s beautiful watercolors and drawings, which he still does by hand as part of the true artistry of his work.

Step inside these pages and peek inside homes that inspire, as you learn what it’s like to move architectural ideas from conception to fruition. You’ll find Marc’s quintessential designs — from cozy family residences, to expansive waterside retreats, artistic abodes with Tuscan influences, and so much more.

The Continuation of a Great Adventure

This book’s origins began as Marc approached three decades of work as one of the best residential architects. He wanted to recount some of his most signature projects — a passion project for his children and grandchildren that would also celebrate the homes of many clients who have become friends.

Marc has described the book-writing process as a great adventure — one that he was excited to continue for the second edition.

Partnering with his editor, he recounted more stories about how each newly featured home in the book came to life. Those conversations with his editor often happened while he was driving through the Adirondacks on his way to a job site — or while he was designing another home on Kiawah Island.

“The book brings back all the memories,” Marc has said. “It’s a reflection for me. When I started, I just wanted to have something to share with my kids and grandkids. It really has turned into so much more.”

Showcasing Marc’s Signature Design Principles

From wrapping the house around people’s lifestyles to creating flow and energy in the home, Marc designs homes for real people living real lives. In Rethinking Architecture From the Inside Out, he shares more about his unique design principles.

You’ll also find stunning examples that exemplify Marc’s use of ceilings, materials, flow, and light to create an atmosphere within the interior spaces of each home. You’ll be taken on a journey to learn what he means by the phrase: “We design homes from the inside out.”

You’ll ultimately witness Marc’s passion for building incredible custom homes; that passion is palpable in this book.

Rethinking Architecture From the Inside Out is a wonderful addition to any architecture lover’s library.

If you would like a copy of the book, please contact our office here