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Lowcountry Living & A Love For Nature

Charleston Style & Design Magazine recently featured one of our latest homes in an article with the appropriate title: “Love Letter to the Lowcountry.” Each home that chief architect Marc Camens builds represents the love he has for both the region and architecture. That love can be seen in the little details, the close working relationships with clients, and the elevated craftsmanship present in each home.

Designing With Nature In Mind

This home has a beautiful park view and pond view, both of which the owner loved. Marc recalls that the owner was very engaged through the entire build, and has a deep appreciation of nature, focusing on its less “impressive” parts. He wanted to capitalize on the views of the park and pond from every angle. He also brought some unique design ideas to the table and, true to fashion, Marc ran with them. The best residential architects are open to ideas from their clients and strive to support them in those ideas, as the design will allow. The result is a private residence that the magazine described as “a perfect balance between manicured and untamed.”

Light And Texture Interplay

Massive windows allow natural sunlight to filter into every space – including the stair tower with 16-foot ceilings. Light bounces off the unique coffered ceilings in the combined living and dining area, playing with the shadows and light throughout the day. The soft texture of the home’s hardwood floors comes to life in the sunlight. In the kitchen, light and texture play once more in the tile backsplashes, the mix of cabinetry – some with glass doors – and the large windows over the sink.

As one of the best residential architects in the US, Marc knows how to add small touches and details to a home that take it from good design to a truly stunning one. For instance, in the master bedroom, floor-to-ceiling windows surround the private sitting area, which is a lovely place for the owners to sit in the morning. However, there are three small windows with deep casings over the bed that invite the outdoors in just a bit more and add some exquisite texture to the room. This seemingly small addition to the space makes a huge impact on the overall design.

Creating A Delightful Experience

One of the highlights of the Charleston Style & Design article is the quotes from the homeowner himself. “For me, it was a lot of fun,” he said. “I would love to build another home with this dream team…They made it such an enjoyable and creative process of bringing my vision to life, and there’s not a day that goes by that I regret any single decision.” That’s praise indeed! We work with all of our clients to make sure that the experience of building a home with us is one that’s memorable for all the right reasons. 

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