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The Ceiling is the Most Important Plane of a Home

Without a doubt, the ceiling is the most important plane of a home, and the moment you step into a residence designed by Marc Camens, you immediately understand why. Ceilings dictate how we feel and how we anticipate behaving in a room. They create flow or division, and just as jewelry completes an outfit, so too does a ceiling complete a room design.

Ceilings Tell Us How To Feel

When you step into a room, one of the first things you do is look up. You assess how tall the room is, and you also look at how formal or informal the space is, based on the ceiling. You then adjust your behavior accordingly. If a lofty, two-story ceiling with raw wood beams greets you at the front door, you will feel – and even behave – differently than if you’ve just stepped into a room with a simple ceiling. 

This effect can start even before you enter the home, simply by creating interest above a front entry or an outdoor space. Here at Camens Architectural Group, we look at all the different ways architectural design can express the emotions we want people to feel. It always involves the question: “What should the ceiling look like?” The answer is grounded in how the owners want their home to feel, for themselves and their guests.

Ceilings Create Flow

Even during the most entertaining dinner party, the eye wanders around a space. In some cases, we help keep the eye centered on the activity in the room, with a significant contrast between white millwork and a dark ceiling above. In other spaces, we create a seamless “crown” to the room that elevates it visually and emotionally. In less conventional rooms, such as a round sitting room, the ceiling can create a cohesive flow, directing the eye to continue to move outward to the adjacent rooms.

Another characteristic we incorporate into architectural design includes archways and columns as extensions of the ceiling design. Together, these features create division or dictate the flow of energy and movement through the space.

Ceilings Complete The Design

A superior room with a lackluster ceiling feels unfinished. By creating a beautiful ceiling, the message that’s communicated to the viewer is that the architectural design is complete. It also makes the people who visit the space feel like they’re wrapped in a warm, supportive, and safe building. Those are all things that people want from their experience with home, and it’s a joy to provide them to our clients in unique and exceptional ways.

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